Saturday, February 22, 2014

You are Purr-fect!!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. This is the final card in a box I am going to post for a while...I saved my favorite for last. This cute kitten is tangled in a ball of  yarn sitting on her bed. I love the patterned paper on the box. I am usually a dog person but this kitty is making me become a cat person.

Happy Crafting!!


Cindy Womack said...

PURRFECT!! What a sweet card in a box. We are totally dog people, but this card is just so sweet! Thank you so much for all the amazing cards you made for this month's IFTL Project. Have a blessed Sunday.
Love, ~Madison and Cindy

Cindy Womack said...

Amber, we received the cards in a box. They fold up so nicely. What a great surprise when the child opens it!! Thank you again for all your hard work, dedication, and love that you share with our recipients!!
Love to you,
~Madison and Cindy